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Admissions / Application, DPD

Nondiscrimination Policy

“In compliance with national, state and university requirements, the SDSU Didactic Program in Dietetics does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, disability, sex, gender, gender identity or expression or sexual orientation.”

Admission Requirements

Undergraduate Students

For admission to the DPD program, undergraduate students must have:

  • advanced to the BS in Foods & Nutrition major;
  • an overall GPA of at least a 3.1;
  • a DPD course GPA of at least 3.1, with no grade in a DPD course lower than a C

Graduate Students

In order to be granted permission to pursue the DPD coursework, students who already hold a bachelor’s degree must be admitted to the MS in Nutritional Sciences, and must have completed the following science courses:

  • General Chemistry (CHEM 100)
  • Organic Chemistry (CHEM 130)
  • Biochemistry (CHEM 160)
  • General Biology plus lab (BIOL 100 and 100L)
  • Microbiology (BIOL 211)
  • Human Anatomy (BIOL 212)
  • Human Physiology (BIOL 336)
  • Statistics (e.g., PSY 270)

Upon acceptance, any missing prerequisites for DPD classes, as well as the complete DPD curriculum, would be taken in addition to the coursework required for the MS in Nutritional Science degree.


Application Procedure

Undergraduate Students

You are encouraged to apply to the DPD as soon as you have been advanced to the major as long as you meet the GPA requirements.  You MUST apply to the DPD no later than the end of the third semester before you graduate. Be sure the transcripts you submit include the grades from your most recent semester.  Unofficial transcripts are acceptable with your DPD application.

  • If you are planning to graduate at the end of Spring or Summer semester, the application deadline is July 1 the prior year.
  • If you are planning to graduate at the end of Fall semester, the application deadline is January 1 of that year.
  • Applications after those deadlines will NOT be accepted.   Spaces in DPD-only courses are limited to due availability of field placements, interviewing and counseling and group education experiences and must be scheduled well in advance of the semester.

Graduate Students

Apply to the DPD after entering the MS in Nutritional Sciences program, and after completing the required science courses (listed above).

Students with degrees from institutions not located in the United States of America must have their transcripts reviewed by one of the Independent Foreign Degree Evaluation Agencies listed here.  An Official Review Document must be obtained before verification review will commence.

DPD Application Packet

Assemble a single application packet, to include:

  • the completed DPD Application Form (docx, updated 6/16/2017)
  • an unofficial SDSU transcript
  • an official transcript, and a catalog description or a course syllabus for all DPD-required courses taken from any colleges/universities other than SDSU or California community colleges

Director, Didactic Program in Dietetics
SDSU School of Exercise and Nutritional Sciences
5500 Campanile Drive
San Diego, CA  92182-7251

Allow at least four weeks for processing, during the academic year (September-May).  Processing over winter break (January) and in the summer (June-August) may take longer.  If the information you provide is incomplete or transcripts are not available, your evaluation will be delayed.

When the initial evaluation is complete, you will receive a letter stating what additional course work you need to complete for verification.







last updated: 6/16/2017