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Graduate and Teaching Assistantships

Teaching Associate

Grad students can earn experience, and a stipend!

We normally employ about 10-15 graduate students as either Teaching Associates (TAs) or Graduate Assistants (GAs).

Teaching Associateships

Assignments for the TA might include teaching physical activity classes or teaching undergraduate lab classes in either exercise physiology or athletic training.

Graduate Assistantships

Assignment for the GA might include assisting faculty in labs or with research projects, assisting the graduate and undergraduate advisors or assisting students in a computer lab.


To be eligible for a graduate assistantship or teaching associateship, a student must have classified graduate standing (or be close to it) and be actively pursuing the Master’s degree in Kinesiology, Exercise Physiology, or Nutritional Sciences. Student with “classified standing” have very high priority in the award of assistantships/associateships, so you should be taking the necessary steps to getting it. A conditionally classified student can hold a TA or GA for only one semester.


These are one-semester appointments and are renewable to maximum of four semesters. The stipend depends on assignment and experience.


For consideration, a student must file:

  1. A personal cover letter describing relevant experiences and certifications
  2. Application for Teaching or Graduate Assistantship (pdf, updated 3/22/2016)
  3. Resume

The deadline for first consideration applications for the fall semester is May 1 and for the spring semester is November 1.