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International Opportunities

ENS abroad

A world of opportunity exists for ENS students going abroad!

College of Health & Human Services Undergraduate International Experience

The College of Health & Human Services incorporates an international component in all its undergraduate curricula, including its BS Kinesiology, BS Athletic Training, and BS Foods & Nutrition programs.   Students participate in residence for two or more weeks.

Specific details about the requirement and upcoming travel opportunities can be found on the CHHS Undergraduate International Experience web site.

International Academic Exchange Programs

There are over 15 universities in other countries throughout the world that have formal student exchange relationships with SDSU and where classes in kinesiology and/or foods and nutrition are offered. You can get a complete listing of these and learn more about study-abroad opportunities for SDSU students by visiting the SDSU International Student Center site.  These exchange relationships make it possible for SDSU students to study abroad and complete courses that will count toward SDSU graduation while paying fees to SDSU.

A prospective exchange student is responsible for locating all relevant information about semester/term dates, lodging costs, and personal needs that might arise in the relevant country. The student should locate particular courses on the exchange campus that seem likely to fulfill SDSU requirements. Then visit with an adviser as the SDSU International Student Center, as well as the Undergraduate Adviser in the School of Exercise and Nutritional Sciences. The School of ENS Undergraduate Adviser is responsible for approving transfer credits toward School of ENS major requirements.

International Studies Minor in College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts

The minor seeks not only to provide an international experience for students but to deepen the meaning of students’ experience by providing a process and context for critical awareness/ comparison, self reflection, as well as the specific professional skills they will utilize in their future careers. It is open to any major in the University, and is particularly valuable for any student seeking a career involving global awareness. This minor consists of 18 units, including 6 units earned while studying in an international setting. For more information, visit the PSFA International Minor website.