San Diego State University

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Student Organizations

The School of Exercise and Nutritional Sciences is made up of a vibrant student body.  Your education is what you make of it – Get involved with ENS clubs to network with like-minded individuals!

Kinesiology Organization Revolutionizing Exercise (KORE)

KORE’s mission is to connect Kinesiology students to professional opportunities by providing networking and hands-on experience in the health-fitness industry. KORE will assist students in becoming elite, innovative, and successful practitioners and leaders within the exercise and nutritional science fields.

Doctor of Physical Therapy Student Association (DPTSA)

The purpose of this organization is to educate students and the public about the profession of Physical Therapy, to give back to our community and to provide a platform for Doctorate of Physical Therapy Students to enhance their educational opportunities through club involvement.

Future Athletic Trainers’ Society (FATS)

Future Athletic Trainers’ Society of San Diego State University is made up of undergraduate students majoring in Athletic Training.  All FATS members take their coursework at SDSU, but they serve in five different training rooms throughout San Diego County under SDSU’s newly accredited program.

Student Nutrition Organization (SNO)

The Student Nutrition Organization provides to its members and, to the community, information on the various fields of dietetics, food service management, food science, health and fitness. Their goal is to educate members as to existing opportunities in these fields of study as well as to provide guidance and contacts.

Future Physical Therapists Organization (FPTO)

A student organization at SDSU that focuses on promoting academic success, informing and preparing our members about grad school, and seek to be involved with the community.


To promote positive self-esteem, confidence and overall wellness by raising awareness and providing programming for students on nutrition, physical, and overall wellness. To provide a place for individuals to create relationships and experience a sense of community. To provide a group for individuals who have interest in learning more about physical and mental health as well as helping others. To fund raise and donate money to non-profit organizations related to physical and mental health. To promote ethical leadership and academic achievement, and to cultivate civic responsibility. To provide students opportunities for association and interaction with the faculty and administration of SDSU and with the members of the community.