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Curriculum, Dual MS

The student must complete an officially approved course of study of not less than 48 units as outlined below:

  • DPT 750 Concepts in Physiology, Pathophysiology, and Pharmacology (4)
  • DPT 830 Cardiopulmonary Therapeutics (4)
  • ENS 601 Experimental Methods in Exercise and Nutritional Sciences (3)
  • ENS 602 Research Evaluation in Exercise and Nutritional Sciences (3)
  • ENS 661 Seminar in Advanced Physiology of Exercise (3)
  • ENS 662 Advanced Exercise Physiology Laboratory (3)
  • ENS 796  Exercise Specialist Internship (3) Cr/NC
  • NUTR 600 Seminar: Foods and Nutrition (3)
  • NUTR 607  Child Nutrition (3)
  • NUTR 608 Geriatric Nutrition (3)
  • NUTR 610  Nutrition and Energy (3)
  • NUTR 700 Seminar in Nutrition (3)
  • Plan A – NUTR 799A  Thesis (3) Cr/NC/RP OR ENS 799A Thesis (3) Cr/NC/RP
    Plan B – ENS 790 Seminar in Directed Readings (3) Cr/NC
  • Electives: Seven units to be selected with approval of graduate adviser.

If a student, after entering the concurrent program leading to a Master of Science degree in nutritional science and a Master of Science degree in exercise physiology returns to a single degree program, all the requirements for the single degree program must then be met.

See the SDSU Graduate Bulletin for descriptions and prerequisites for these courses.

Thesis or Directed Readings

Students complete their degree by choosing either Plan A or Plan B. In Plan A, all students will include Nutrition 799A (thesis) or Exercise and Nutritional Sciences 799A (thesis) for completion of their degree, accompanied by a final oral examination on the field of the thesis and on the implications of the thesis research for the broader field of exercise and nutritional sciences. If students select Plan B, Exercise and Nutritional Sciences 790 (Directed Readings) is required for completion of the degree.

Time Limitation

The school expects a student to complete the degree within seven years. Failure to complete the degree requirements within seven years will result in dismissal from the program.



last updated: 2/26/2015