SDSU Athletic Training Program in Las Vegas for 50th Anniversary

The year 2018 marked the 50th year anniversary for the SDSU Athletic Training Program! It was a year of celebration for the many accomplishments and outreach this program has had across the globe. The ripple effect since 1968 is immense!  Join us in a journey through time via our 50th anniversary website. Enjoy numerous videos, pictures, and historical timelines. It is an opportunity to connect with alumni and celebrate the multitude of accomplishments and influence!


September 1968

The San Diego State University Athletic Training Program began with the appointment of Robert J. Moore, PT, ATC as a full-time, tenured Faculty/Athletic Trainer and two athletic training students in September 1968.


September 1969

September 1969 marked the addition of the first female athletic training student. She became the first woman to gain NATA Certification from SDSU. At this time the Athletic Training Department became co-educational even though there were no varsity women’s sport teams at San Diego State University. At this time, the graduate assistant athletic training position was also established to help care for the athletes.


September 1972

In the mid 1970’s a Women’s Intercollegiate Athletic Program was established. This enabled the Athletic Department to add a part-time Assistant Athletic Trainer position and admitted a second female athletic training student intern.


September 1977

In September 1977, an Emphasis in Athletic Training under the B.A. Degree in Applied Arts and Sciences with-in the Physical Education major was offered. It consisted of 3 athletic training specific courses. The Athletic Training program continued to attract many students due to its reputation of excellence and its co-educational opportunities.


September 1992

The academic course offerings continued to expand to meet the needs of the growing profession of Athletic Training. In 1992, a B.S. Degree in Applied Arts and Sciences with a Physical Education major and Specialization in Athletic Training was offered with 7 athletic training specific courses. The growth of the academic program included a prosperous climate of mutual support cooperation between the academic and clinical aspects of the program. The athletic training students continued to complete their internship hours at SDSU and four other institutions in the area.


September 1999

The Athletic Training Specialization became an Emphasis within the Kinesiology major. Becoming an Emphasis gave students more recognition of their focus through documentation of the emphasis on their transcripts.


September 2000

The Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) granted initial accreditation for the SDSU Athletic Training Program as a BS Degree in Kinesiology with an Athletic Training Emphasis. This program continues the rich clinical experiences along with 12 robust athletic training specific courses.


February 2011

In accordance with the growth of the athletic training profession and the accreditation requirement, the SDSU Academic Senate approved the induction of a Bachelor of Science Degree in Athletic Training.


February 2012

The athletic training program underwent its third accreditation review and received continuing accreditation with the new accrediting body, the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education Programs (CAATE), with its next accreditation review in 2023-2024.


May 2021

With the athletic training profession’s mandate to transition all athletic training education programs to a master’s level, SDSU received the California State University, Chancellor’s Office approval to start a Master of Science Degree Program in Athletic Training (MSAT). The first MSAT student cohort will begin in May 2022.