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Adaptive Fitness Clinic

Kinesiology student and trainer Lisa Ann with Jane Smith

Lee Kendrick with Marissa Hamlin

The SDSU Adaptive Fitness Clinic is a community outreach program through the School of Exercise and Nutritional Sciences at San Diego State University. Founded by Dr. Peter M. Aufsesser in 1983, the Fitness Clinic serves those from the San Diego region with a wide variety of physical disabilities and offers them the opportunity to reach their fitness and exercise goals. A place is provided which allows clients to develop management skills for their disabilities. Clients’ ages have ranged from 2 to 98 years.

The fitness clinic also serves as an educational experience for SDSU Kinesiology students, including those majoring in prephysical therapy, athletic training, and fitness specialist. Students, under the direct guidance and supervision of faculty and staff, work directly with the clients on a variety of exercises and activities.

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