San Diego State University

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Overview, MS Nutritional Science

food groupsThe school offers graduate study leading to the Master of Science degree in Nutritional Sciences.

The general program of study may include coursework in nutrition or food science. Thesis research in nutrition may be conducted using human subjects or experimental animals.

Research activity of the faculty currently includes: nutritional status of children,
elders, and ethnic groups; metabolic studies on cholesterol and energy balance; and factors affecting human lactation, body composition and obesity, athletic performance and fitness, composition of human milk and composition and stability of foods.

Laboratories, including animal facilities and equipment, at SDSU support research conducted under the direct supervision of the nutritional sciences graduate faculty. In addition, students may conduct research at other facilities in the community in conjunction with collaborative studies pursued by nutritional sciences faculty and researchers at other institutions in San Diego.
Graduates with the M.S. degree in nutritional sciences are employed as administrators or service providers of community nutrition programs, food service supervisors, and community college educators, as well as, in administrative, research, or quality control positions within industry and government.