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Overview, Dual MS

grad students

Students conduct research integrating these two interrelated disciplines.

The School of Exercise and Nutritional Sciences offers a 48-unit concurrent graduate program leading to a Master of Science degree in Nutritional Sciences and M.S. degree in Exercise Physiology, commonly referred to as our DUAL Masters program.

This program of study includes coursework across a broad spectrum of exercise and nutritional sciences that provide a basis for students who anticipate employment in the preventive, clinical, corporate, or rehabilitative fields. The interrelated roles of exercise and nutrition in health, aging, and disease prevention and rehabilitation are studied by providing strong theoretical and practical experiences.

Students have the opportunity to conduct research in discrete areas of foods and nutrition, and exercise physiology, as well as integrating research between these interrelated disciplines. Areas of focused research is reflective of the faculty expertise, including nutritional status of children, elders, and ethnic groups; bone health and metabolism; exercise and thermoregulation; metabolic studies on cholesterol and energy balance; exercise and nutrition in chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, inflammation, obesity, and cancer; athletic performance and fitness of masters athletes.

Laboratories, including animal facilities and equipment, at SDSU support research conducted under the direct supervision of the graduate faculty in the School of Exercise and Nutritional Sciences. In addition, students may conduct research at other facilities in the community in conjunction with collaborative studies pursued by nutritional sciences faculty and researchers at other institutions in San Diego.

Students are trained for diverse professional careers in the fields of nutrition, dietetics, food science, and exercise science.