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Fred Kolkhorst

ENS Director

Phone: (619) 594-1924
Office: ENS 351


  • Ph.D., 1990, University of Missouri-Columbia, Exercise Physiology
  • M.Ed., 1980, University of Missouri-Columbia, Health Education
  • B.S., 1976, University of Missouri-Columbia, Health and Physical Education

Research Areas

Our research is currently focused on oxygen uptake kinetics at the onset of exercise. Oxygen uptake at exercise onset closely reflects oxygen use by mitochondria, thus the study of VO2 kinetics can be used as a noninvasive means to observe how well mitochondria are functioning during exercise.

Our labs have also been involved in several other unrelated, but interesting studies. We are working with a group of emergency medicine physicians from UCSD to study the physiological effects of various types of restraints used by law enforcement. There are numerous reports of sudden death after suspects have been restrained or incarcerated. To this point, we have published three papers regarding ventilatory responses from hogtying and from the effects of TASER™ exposure.


(student authors in boldface)

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